Tina Margariti




Tina Margariti was born in 1979 in Thessaloniki. She grew up having a variety of classic musical sounds as a child in her parents’ home and very soon began to study classical piano and ballet. The music, from a sweet young habit, became gradually the magic ingredient of everyday life. She studied pedagogic music and followed many seminars on music therapy, jazz piano, music and dance education and music improvisation having the opportunity to learn by professors from Greece, Russia, Bulgaria , France Austria Cyprus and Turkey.

Always being influenced by children’s love for music, in 2003 she became a piano teacher and Music & Movement Educator in conservatories and schools in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece. Afterwards, she started a research on the effects of music, harmony of sounds, and rhythm of speaking in the physical and mental functioning of babies and infants and in 2010 she established her own “Baby Music and Sensory Learning Lab” and “ Baby piano lab ” and “Little baby piano stories ” for babies and parents in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece.

During her musical career, she interacted with many musicians with different music tradition from Greece, France and Austria.

Her love for travel, nature and research on different stimuli and sounds led to her first meeting with the Hindustani Classical Music Khyal and Dhrupad Music .

Charmed by the eastern sounds and tradition of India, in 2009 she started to study the Indian Classical Music with sitar as well as the physical and emotional effect of every raga (makam- music road) to the listener, having as instructor and teacher, Nektario Mitrischaki from Chania, Crete.

Since then Tina Margariti performs with sitar in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece and across the sea when the North Indian classical music meets the classic Western Classical music

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