Music Meditation


Some words about Music meditation:


Listening means breathing.

We listen with our whole body.


Dhrupad is the oldest form of composition in Indian classical music. It is very much like to a musical meditation. While music is starting very slowly, we allowed consciously the harmonization and connection of our all body with the sound of music.

With every inhalation and exhalation, music invites the listener to find himself in silence, empty his mind from all other thoughts and come into contact with his body and emotions of that moment.

We leave our breath free, deep, effortless and observe it, without interfering with it. We allow the sounds and pauses of music, the rhythm and the intensity to affect the body in a therapeutic way, influencing initially the depth and duration of the listener's breathing and after a while of the listener’s heartbeat.

“In Dhrupad music, each note has significant weight and importance. Is like the Gregorian chant – sacred and sung with sober and serious mood and with even weight to the notes. Like you are carrying a very full glass of water you see: If you move quickly, the water will spill”, Ali Akbar Khan.


The musical meditation looks somehow magical. The listener gradually stops listening to music with his/hers ears and start feels with his/her entire body. He/she is experiencing the internalization of sound and melody of raga at every moment. Even when the music ends.

Time stops, time hides, time disappears, the listener connects to the musician and for a while everything flows.


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